Iceland 2005 - Faroe islands 2006

Day 7
July 15

Back in Gøtu, and after a quiet night yesterday, we’ve started working on our performance this morning. We don’t have much time, but luckily, our fabulous leaders Kartine and Olí already had the outlines for the show. So we’ve been working hard throughout the day, with very few breaks. It has been tough, but with a good, yet painful session on stretching at the end, we got through it just fine. And this evening, we had a perfect ending, with a dinner fit for kings, in kingly surroundings at the local museum.

Silent Days:

Litla Dimún is an island in the Southern Faroe Islands. It’s quite small, 414 meters above sealevel, and majorly unavilable. When we saw it from the ferry, we couldn’t believe that was in fact our Silent Island! But since we had to go there by helicopter, we were very dependent on the weather. We got to Su_erøy Wednesday, but unfortunatly, there was too much wind and rain to get to Litla Dimún, so we spent a stormy night in a boyscouts hut. It gave us time to explore different kinds of silence, like the very private silence of churches. Still, it was a bit disappointing not to get to Litla Dimún right away.

Come Thursday, the rainclouds were far gone. The sun was shining, and the helicopter ready for take-off. And so our journey to the Silent Island started with the deafening roar of engines. Surreal is a word I’ve used a lot the last couple of days, but I can’t seem to think of any other words. There’s a view like you are on the top of the world (and 414 meters above sealevel, you practicaly are), the ground is moist, and when people pass you, you can feel it shaking. We spent the whole day at the top, contemplating silence, sounds, and the meaning of life. In the glorious sunshine, it was enough for all the Norwegians and Hallí to get sunburnt.

The guides who stayed with us there told us it was a 30 – 40 minute walk to the cabin we were staying at. That just might qualify to the Understatement of the Year. The road was long and perilous, with steep mountainsides and narrow paths. Without any accurate measurement of time, I can only guess it took us about an hour and a half to get down there. No need to say we were very tired, and the cabin was JUST big enough. Don’t think we could have fitted in more people if we wanted to. Our island was silent, perhaps, but very crowded.
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