Iceland 2005 - Faroe islands 2006

Day 3
July 11

The Faroe Islands are known for having all four seasons during one single day.
We woke up to summer, but now it’s winter. Not even sure we passed through autumn on the way…
Facsinating as though it may be, it may actually be endangering the project. It is a dangerous island we’re going to (Litla Dimún translates into Little Demon), and to get there, the weatherconditions have to be just right. Too much fog, or too much wind will make it too risky. We got our first taste of silence today, before the harsh weather came. We got our books from Katrine, and then went to a local beach, just to get a feel of sand between our toes. It was also a golden oppurtunity to research loneliness, to work alone win pencil and paper. Sadly, we won’t be able to spend time alone on Litla Dimún, we have to be in groups, and with a guide all the time. On the bright side, we learned today that there actually is a toilet there, recently installed. Good news to all Silent Islanders!
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