Iceland 2005 - Faroe islands 2006

Day 2
July 10

Today, it was very hard to wake up, and to get out of bed. Everyone was still tired after all the travelling. But we started early none the less, with breakfast at 9. Then we had a workshop with Oli, warming up, and getting to know each other, on stage and off. By four o’clock, the rest of the Norwegian acting crew had arrived, and we went to a museum of Faroese local-history.
After that, we actually had some sparetime before dinner; time mostly spent rehearsing. Each country had prepared a small performance as a gift to each other, and so, after a tasty meal and the arrival of the productionteam, we had three lovely pieces of song, dance and theatre.

Before we called it a night, we exchanged thoughts and expectations on the journey to our Silent Island. So far, people are preoccupied with the helicopter ride there. Some can’t wait, others are terrified.
Tomorrow, we will get the notebooks we will use on the island, and to some of us, that signifies the true beginning of the project.
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