Iceland 2005 - Faroe islands 2006

Day 9
July 17

This is the end. After several days of hard work, the day came. We did two very successful performances today, one at 6 and one at 7. We’ve had really good covering in the Faroese media, so it was well advertised. It was a very dynamic piece of art, with hardcore variations of high and low tempo, and quite different from your traditional theatre. And both actors and artistic leaders alike were extremely pleased. It was a culmination of all our experiences from Litla Dimùn, and all the time spent together. And it was beautiful!

Our evening ended in feast, once again at the museum. This dinner was as kingly as the last, with lots of presents and speaches. One of the more moving speaches was in fact made by someone from without the project; the mayor of Gøtu, who was present through-out the dinner. «Evig eies kun det tapte» - now our performance is lost, but it will stay with us forever.

It felt like an evening of endings, with all those speaches. But all the same, jokes were made around the dessert about wether we should go to Hawaii or Easter Island next time. This is the beginning.
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