Iceland 2005 - Faroe islands 2006

Day 1
July 9

Today, I'm in Gøtu, Faroe Island. Things are so much like home, but yet so different. Like the language. I feel I understand every third word, it's even pronounced with northern Norwegian intonation. And it's words like "appelsinjuice" and "vær så god", words you don't often find in other languages. And the scenery. There are no trees here, but it's fantastic to see the horizon again, and breathe the island air. I feel priviledged to be here. Especially considering the unfortunate fates of my Norwegian co-actors. Rolf, Maja and Terese are stuck in Copenhagen, due to delays and overbooked flights. Hopefully they'll arrive tomorrow with the productionteam. As for the other islanders, they're all here. There were happy reunions and new meetings, over a light supper, before we went to the local bowling alley to see the World Cup Finals. Or to actually go bowling, as some did. Tomorrow we'll have official introductions of ourselves and the project, and there's much excitement about. No one knows quite what to expect. The third Silent Adventure is about to begin, on the magical Faroe Islands. Stay Tuned
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